Student Experience


Student Experience facilitates students’ intellectual, emotional, spiritual, vocational and physical development by promoting leadership and providing services and programs that support and challenge each student.

The Student Experience Staff aims to:

  • Provide students with the opportunity to experience and develop life and leadership skills that complement and support their academic studies and prepare them to contribute to their communities.
  • Identify, support, and advocate students’ interests and needs.
  • Provide and model creative leadership through programming, training, and problem- solving.
  • Provide opportunities and increase involvement in spiritual development and intercultural programs and activities.
  • Provide students with opportunities where they can practice skills, explore values, and consider solutions to community and global issues.

Student Development

All who work in Student Experience are responsible for providing developmental opportunities and programs designed to enhance the student’s total educational experience. Areas included are first-year and new student orientation, first-year advising and mentoring, the peer tutoring program.

First-Year and New Student Orientation

The aim of first-year and new student orientation is to help students in their initial adjustments to college life. The program begins with a one-day orientation program in June or July and continues for three days just prior to the beginning of classes in the fall. Parents are encouraged to attend the special programs planned for them in June or July and on the first day of fall orientation.

The program for new students includes presentations and discussions; meeting faculty, advisors, staff members, administrators, and fellow students; social activities. These areas are so important that the College requires all new students to participate. A modified new student orientation program is conducted for students entering in the spring semester.

Mentors, Advisors, and Academic Consultants

Students are assigned an advisor to serve as their academic consultant and/or mentor during their first year at Concordia. Students then choose a program of study and are advised by an academic consultant in that program. The primary purpose of the academic advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals.

The Center for Student Success (CSS) is a resource-rich environment lead by a team of professionals who provide developmental programs and individualized support to enhance the holistic success of every student. The Center for Student Success includes success specialists, peer tutors, mentors, and the writing center.  The support services of the CSS are free of charge.

The Student Success Program

Designed to parallel Concordia College’s mission to engage and nurture a diverse student body, a holistic approach effectuated in the student success program will prepare students for their college experience by raising academic and personal standards of excellence. This program challenges students to examine their purposeful goals in higher education while developing the foundational skills necessary to succeed. Developing and practicing academic skills along with attention to building a greater knowledge base are emphasized to engage students’ higher order skills in critical thinking, synthesis, analysis, and problem-solving. This program is open to all students who need supplemental support to succeed in college. 

The goals of the program are to help students:

  1. Improve learning with attention to its process with guided practice and support
  2. Build reading, writing, and mathematics comprehension level and scope
  3. Set and prioritize long and short-term tasks and goals
  4. Build on knowledge developed in the Core sequence to actualize individualized achievement plans germane to self-assessment of task mastery and goal realization
  5. Incorporate academic skill techniques to facilitate better note-taking, examination strategy, time and stress management
  6. Navigate the standards and requirements of Satisfactory Academic Progress

Peer Tutoring Program

The Peer Tutoring Program connects upper-level student tutors who have been recommended by faculty with students in need of individualized or small group tutoring for a course. Students seeking tutors make a formal request for this service through the Center for Student Sucess. There is no charge for this service. 

John Bahr Writing Center

To support the goals and objectives of the Writing Across the Curriculum Program (see The Concordia Experience section), The Writing Center, located on the third floor of the George House., offers supplemental instruction in writing to students in all disciplines. The writing specialists who form the Center’s staff work with students in various aspects of writing (ranging from organization, development, and research methods to mechanical and proofreading skills). Students who exhibit poor writing skills receive individualized instruction and extensive practice in the fundamentals of writing. Other students benefit from working with a writing specialist on a particular assignment during the writing process.   

Career Exploration

The Career Exploration Center offers a comprehensive array of programs and services that support students and alumni in identifying, clarifying, and achieving their career goals. Through strategic engagement with internal and external partners, we provide access to services and experiences that develop competent and competitive professionals who will make a big impact in local and global communities. The center works with students throughout their entire academic career in the following areas:

  • Resume & Cover Letter Writing

  • Mock Interviews & Internships

  • Personal Branding/ LinkedIn Profile

  • Self Assessment & Career Planning

  • Graduate School Planning

  • Personalized Career Readiness Workshops

  • Employment Opportunities etc

Handshake is Concordia College’s job search and recruiting platform that provides students with unique solutions to their career development needs, including:

  • Connect with employers and organizations all over the country for job & internship opportunities

  • Schedule individual career advising appointments

  • Find information about upcoming Career & Professional Development career fairs, events, and programming, etc.

Students benefit from the personalized attention that is given to them as they plan for an internship, prepare their resume, and cover letter or search for a full-time job.

The College’s many contacts continue to expand opportunities for students with corporations such as ABC, NBC, MTV, PepsiCo, The New York Botanical Garden, IBM, Carnegie Hall, the United Nations, the International Olympic Committee, Westchester County Medical Center, Ernst and Young, Merrill Lynch, Office of the Governor of New Jersey, Our Savior Lutheran School, The Westchester County Department of Mental Health and many more. Services of the Career Exploration’s Center continue to be available to Concordia alumni.

Health Services

Concordia College NY is committed to the health and wellness of the entire student population.The College provides these services in the Student Health Services Center located on the top floor of Schoenfeld Campus Center, above the Brickyard Café.  The Health Center offers preventive, episodic and acute physical and mental health services to students. The Center is staffed by The Director who is a Registered Nurse, and several Nurse Practitioners/Advanced Practice Nurses who are licensed to perform physicals and prescribe medication.  The Health Center Coordinator is there to assist students with health insurance related inquiries, help them obtain health clearance, schedule appointments, etc. Questions regarding a specific concern or other health information should be directed to the Student Health Services Office at ext. 2243. The nursing staff is available to assess the mental and physical health needs of any student requesting assistance and to make referrals for the student to the appropriate resources. If you are having a mental health crisis outside of traditional office hours, the Residence Directors (RD’s) and Resident Assistants (RA’s) are trained to handle emergencies and are able to help.  You can also contact the Security Office at x2300.  If you or someone you know is in danger of inflicting self-harm of hurting someone else, call 911 or go to the closest emergency room for immediate assistance.

Health Forms

No student may register or attend classes until these health requirements are met.

All students born after January 1, 1957, are required by New York State law to demonstrate proof of immunity against measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). Proof of immunity is defined as two (2) doses of MMR or two (2) doses of measles and one (1) each of rubella and mumps.

In addition, a completed health form, a physical exam (dated within a year of admission), immunization record, and meningitis disclosure statement is mandatory and must be submitted prior to the arrival of all new students. This is a one-time requirement for all students, except the following students who are required to have physicals every year: 

  • Students accepted into the Accelerated Nursing Program
  • Students accepted into the Radiological Technologies Program
  • Student Athletes 

All students living in campus housing must show proof of having received at least one (1) dose of meningococcal meningitis vaccine.

Health Insurance

Depending on their program,  students may be required to carry health insurance that will be accepted by medical providers in the State of New York. Students without health insurance, those who carry out-of-state Medicaid and International students are required to purchase a policy through the College for a specific premium established each year. Verification of health insurance is required annually of all students.

Please note: All students required to carry health insurance will be charged for the annual college-offered health insurance. Domestic students who carry their own policies that are accepted in the State of NY must waive the college-offered health insurance by following the online instructions included with the enrollment packet. The charge will then be removed. Failure to waive by the deadline will cause the charge to remain, the student to be enrolled, and a refund of the charged premium to be forfeited.

International Students: It is a mandatory institutional policy that International Students purchase the college-offered health insurance and their accounts will be billed accordingly. 

No exceptions will be made. Students must still enroll online for the plan. Being charged does not mean the student is enrolled. Instructions to enroll will be contained in the enrollment packet.

Office Visits

Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins will be accommodated.  Appointments may be made by phone, in person or by e-mail. Problems requiring immediate attention will be given priority.

Health Services maintains relationships with local medical specialists and will consult and make referrals when necessary.

When the Health Center is closed, students experiencing non-urgent medical issues can be seen in several urgent care centers that are conveniently located within a walkable distance to the college. For emergency needs, NY Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital Center is located approximately one mile from campus.

Student Athlete Health Information

In order to practice or participate in intercollegiate sports, a student-athlete must have an annual physical exam, document mandatory immunizations (first year students only) and submit verification of health insurance. It is a mandatory institutional policy for all international athletes and those with out-of-state Medicaid to purchase the college-offered health insurance. No exceptions will be made.  Health Packets must be sent to the Student Health Center directly and not to the individual coaches.

Spiritual Life

Concordia New York has the great privilege of serving a unique community. Located in an area which is home to the greatest cultural diversity in the world, as well as host to the entire gamut of religious experience and expression, Concordia remains a Lutheran Christian college. Concordia recognizes that growth in the Christian life is a total commitment to the person of Jesus Christ. It is toward this realization that the College's worship, spiritual formation, and service programs are oriented. Concordia continues to be an academic institution fostering Christian living and encouraging the members of its community to commit their lives to the service of God and humankind in the vocations to which they are called. Some of the most precious times outside the worship settings are the one-on-one conversations between students and faculty/staff as they share their faith and hear of the “faith journey” of others. It is the College’s belief that God has placed all of us here according to God’s purpose. We hope and pray that this Journey of Promise will be one by which all may be awed by a gracious and loving God who deeply loves all creation.

Morning Reflections

Morning Reflection is one of the ways we manifest our faith-informed community life. At 10:30 each weekday morning, the community pauses instruction and work. We gather in the campus chapel for conversation, inspiration, and respiration: a precious twenty minutes to clear the mind to receive something new. Broad themes, solicited from students, frame the week with Wednesdays reserved for the celebration of Holy Communion. Reflections are expected to relate to the week's theme and align with the College's mission and values, but from there are open to interpretation. Any student, faculty, staff, or guest may lead, and reflections run the gamut from biblical to deeply personal, musical to philosophical, prayerful to poetic, reserved to roof-raising. Transcendent or simply tranquil, Morning Reflection is authentic to our Christian identity, and a treasured tradition here.  

Student Activities

The purpose of the student activities program is to complement the academic program of studies and enhance the overall educational experience of students through development of, exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, religious, recreational, and governance programs.

At Concordia, clubs and organizations are formed by students with common interests and objectives. The Student Government Association is the governing body of all clubs and organizations on campus. There are many clubs and organizations on campus falling into the following categories:

  • Student Government
  • Communications
  • Culture/Fine Arts
  • Greek Organizations
  • Religious Clubs
  • Social/Recreational
  • Academic

For a full listing of all active student organizations on campus, please refer to the Concordia College webpage.


Intercollegiate Athletics

Concordia College New York is a long-time competitor in NCAA Division II, as a proud member of the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC). Concordia sponsors 12 varsity intercollegiate teams: Women’s and Men’s Cross Country, Women’s and Men’s Tennis, Women’s and Men’s Soccer, Women’s and Men’s Basketball, Women’s Volleyball, Softball, Baseball, and Men’s Golf. 

The Meyer Athletic Center’s 700-seat gymnasium is home to the Concordia College Women’s and Men’s basketball teams and Women’s volleyball team. It also houses the Department of Athletics offices, as well as the Athletic Training Room, locker rooms for both men and women, and Fitness Center. The Meyer Tennis Center is the home of the Women’s and Men’s tennis teams. The Meyer Tennis Center features 3 indoor courts, 3 outdoor courts, and 2 outdoor clay courts. Also, in the complex, is the Clipper Baseball Field, Clipper Softball Field, and Clipper Soccer Field.

Prospective Student-Athletes, as well as current, full-time, degree-seeking students who are interested in joining an athletic team should contact the appropriate coach. For more information about Concordia Athletics, as well as the eligibility standards and required documentation and process, please visit

Student Government Association

All full-time students are members of the Student Government Association, Student Government Association Executive Board, Student Senate; which consists of executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The Association serves as a liaison between the student body and the administration and faculty. Students serve on various committees contributing to the governance and continuing development of Concordia College. 

Social Events

The Student Activities Committee, the residence staff, and various clubs and organizations plan, organize, and promote social and entertainment events. The goal is to develop individual self-awareness, interpersonal effectiveness, and responsible citizenship.  

International Student Services

Concordia has built an opportunity for all students to broaden their view of the world by providing an international dimension through both the curriculum and composition of the student body. The College actively promotes international cultural and educational interchange.

The Director of Global Student Programs, Director of Incoming Students and Vocational Planning, Director of Student Engagement, Registrar, and Senior Director of Student Experience advise international students and are available in matters related to government regulations, Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), housing, employment, academic, athletic, and personal matters.

The International Student Services offices are located on the first floor of Sieker Hall. The International Club supports and celebrates diversity on campus through student activities such as dinners, dances, fashion shows, and service and outreach programs. 

Information Technology Services

IT Services offer many services to students, all students have access to email via Office 365 which includes one drive for storage and free office applications. Students will also have access to Banner Self Service and Blackboard Learn. Internet access is available throughout campus. Students must have a valid username and password to log on to the secure network. Student computers are available in the information commons in the library and in a teaching lab in the Krenz Academic Center. Personal help on the use of these services is provided by experienced computer lab assistants during regular Library hours. Technical advice may also be obtained from the IT Services office, located in the Krenz Academic Center, during normal working hours.   

Residence Life

The Residence Life Office at Concordia College strives to help shape a living-learning community that supports residents’ academic, personal, and spiritual growth. Residence Life seeks to challenge students to explore new ideas, new ways of thinking, and the ways in which they can serve others. Through these efforts, Residence Life hopes to develop resilient, whole persons who can adapt successfully to the college environment and to the communities they will enter in the future.  

Residence Life Staff

 Residence Counselors (RCs) and Resident Assistants (RAs) in each building are responsible for providing and maintaining a living learning environment that enhances the mission and philosophy of the Residence Life Program. RCs are professional, live-in staff members responsible for the overall condition of the residence halls. RAs are students, selected on the basis of reliability and responsibility, who advise a section or floor of the residence hall. RAs are responsible for peer mentoring, programming, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, policy enforcement, and attending to the day-to-day details of residence hall life. Overall, RAs work with the RCs and to create an academically successful, safe and healthy residential community.


Concordia maintains a formal security system coordinated by the Director of Campus Safety. The office is open during business hours and an operator is on duty 24 hours a day. At night, the campus is patrolled by security guards. The College offers an escort service upon request for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors

Food Services

All full-time resident and commuting students are required to be on a meal plan. Students should consider this when accepting off-campus employment. Special dietary requirements can be satisfied through consultation with the Manager of Food Services.   

Residence Hall Closures/Vacation Schedule

Please refer to the Student Experience Guide. 

Student Experience Guide

The Student Experience Guide contains need-to-know information, policies, procedures, descriptions of services available, disciplinary guide, and phone directories. The Student Experience Guide is available in electronic format on the Intranet or a hard copy can be picked up in the Student Experience Welcome Center. All students are responsible for knowing its contents.

School Closings

Although rare, the College may close or delay opening due to weather emergencies. In such cases, information will be sent to Concordia College email accounts, posted on the College’s website, social media platforms, and on the College’s main number, (914) 337-9300.